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Craft of the Witch

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I’m for real tryna be Vasquez.

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lavendercountry asked : So how did the interview go?

It went very well, thank you! I’ve never worked with marine life before, so it was very enlightening. Unfortunately I was unable to accept the position though. I had anticipated more of a part-time/apprenticeship offer, and instead received a full-time. My current business requires too much dedication for me to contribute to a 40 hour+ week there, and I leave for Africa next week for a research study that will take just over a month… It’s likely I’ll add to their studies in the fall, but not as an employee and that’s is ok. :) 


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Okay, Universe, Okay

I kind of fell into a working interview tomorrow for marine mammal training. 

I can’t even really figure out how this happened so suddenly. I’d gone down to a nearby marine science center to take my mom to a dolphin interaction program for her birthday (which she loved). Afterwards, I had no idea I was even talking to the director of the facility until about 10 minutes into our random conversation… Another 10 minutes later, he’s asking for my resume and background. Later, when the director of training contacted me about the working interview, he tells me he’s not going to be there that day but that the facility director will be the one interviewing and working with me. This is bypassing about three steps into the normal interview/training process. 

Not complaining, but…Damn, Universe — you’ve been pushing me 90-to-nothing for about a year now. What’s the end-game here? 

And, thanks.

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